Rock Climbing Technical Skills

Rock climbing technical skills describe all the components that go into rock climbing outside of the actual “climbing” itself. Generically, rock climbing technical skills can be broken down into the following areas:

Rock Climbing Progression

Rock Climbing Devils Lake Curving Crack

Climbing Progression – 6 Steps to Becoming a Proficient Trad Climber

Rock Climbing Protection and Anchors

Rock Climbing Technical Skills - BHK

Whether you are an aspiring trad leader or a sport climber looking to set up top ropes for a cragging area with a strict “no bolting” culture, it is essential that you know how to place rock climbing protection and build bomber anchors.

Rock Climbing Protection

Four Basic Types of Rock Climbing Protection

Climbing Cams – How to Place Climbing Cams

Anchor Building

Building Climbing Anchors – Principles of Anchor Building

“Simple One Tree Top Rope Anchor” by Jay Harrison

Quad Anchor – How to Build a Quad Anchor 

Case Studies

Simple Bolt Anchor Case Study

Top Rope Anchor – Trapps Case Study

Top Rope Anchor – Moderate Mecca Case Study

Top Rope Anchor – Split Tower Case Study

Seeking Exposure – Rock Climbing Knots

Rock Climbing Technical Skills - Bunny Ears Figure Eight
Bunny Ears Figure-Eight.

This area of rock climbing technical skills is composed of all the necessary skills a climber needs for not only tying into the climbing rope, but also for attaching the rope as well as any soft gear to climbing/natural protection. Rock climbing knots can be broken further broken down into categories, which will be covered in each of the following posts:

Basic Rock Climbing Knots – Covers Figure-eight, Figure-eight follow-through, and Figure-eight/Overhand on a bight knots.

Intermediate Knots

Clove Hitch – How to Tie a Clove Hitch

Flat Overhand – Joining Two Ropes for Rappelling

Munter Hitch – How to Tie a Munter Hitch

Advanced Knots

Auto-Locking Munter Hitch / Super Munter Hitch / Munter Mule Overhand

Bunny Ears Figure-Eight – How to Bunny Ears Figure-Eight

Learning and becoming efficient in rock climbing technical skills is essential to climbing outdoors safely.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave them in the comment section on the individual posts.

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