Rock Climbing

Rock climbing means different things to different people. Generically, rock climbing is essentially the activity or sport of ascending large rock formations, boulders, or mountains. The diversity in terrain and the different styles with which climbers use to scale that terrain has lead to a vast universe of activities that are all referred to as “rock climbing.”

Climbing Advice with Seeking Exposure

To help you find your way around, below are some links to our most popular posts as well as areas where you can find technical articles and further information on the various styles of climbing covered on this site.

The best place to start for new climbers is the:

A Beginner’s Guide to Rock Climbing 

If you are interested in climbing techniques or technical skills, check out:

•Rock Climbing Techniques (page coming soon)

Seeking Exposure – Rock Climbing Technical Skills

For help choosing the right climbing gear, read our most popular gear lists and buying guides:

Gear Lists –

Beginner Climbing Gear List

Top Rope Climbing Gear List

Buying Guides –

Rock Climbing Shoes – How to Choose Rock Climbing Shoes

Climbing Rope – How to Choose a Climbing Rope

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